Privacy Notice

Our Data Privacy Principles

The protection and security of your personal data are prime concerns of waterxhome.com - Acquaxcasa s.r.l. handling your data in a responsible manner is a matter of course for us. Therefore, when collecting and using your personal data, we will strictly observe the provisions of data privacy law. Furthermore, it is important to us that you always know what personal data is collected when you visit our website or make use of our services and offers and how such data will be used. The following information serves to inform you in detail how your personal data is collected and used, as well as how we protect your personal data from manipulation, loss, destruction or misuse.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

Personal data is any data which makes it possible to identify your person, e.g., your name, your address, your telephone number or your email address. We will only collect and use personal data where this is permitted by law or if you have given your prior consent. The collection of your personal data serves to allow you to use the services and offers of waterxhome.com and to enable us to handle your orders. We collect personal data in particular for the following purposes: Contact: We will collect and use the contact information which you voluntarily disclose to us (e.g., your name, your email address and, as the case may be, your telephone number)to respond to requests for contact which you make using the contact form or email. You are free to decide whether you wish to give us any information and, if so, what information. Opening a customer account: We will collect and use the information required for registration as well as the data communicated within this context (e.g., name, address, telephone number, email address) for the purpose of opening your customer account. As a registered customer, you can access your personal customer account by entering a user name and password; after accessing your personal customer account, you can, among other things, select your personal settings for waterxhome.com and make changes to your address. Your registered data will additionally be used within the scope of orders. You can revoke the registration for your customer account at any time. Orders received by waterxhome.com : We will collect and use the data needed to handle your orders (e.g., your name, address, telephone number, email address, payment information including your credit card number, bank account number and bank code depending on the method of payment chosen, the type of delivery and order information). Within the scope of the purpose of the agreement, we will use the aforementioned data in particular to handle your orders, deliver the goods, manage the customer relationship and handle the payment transaction; for these purposes, we may pass your data on to third-party service providers which we use to perform our contracts (e.g., freight forwarding companies or credit institutions). Any personal data collected for the above-stated purposes will only be used for these purposes or to the extent required to safeguard the legitimate business interests of waterxhome.com. Your personal data will not be disclosed to any third party without your prior consent, unless we are required to do so by court order or by order of public authorities. Waterxhome does not intend to sell or otherwise market your personal data to third parties.


If you have any queries concerning the collection and use of your personal data by waterxhome.com, we will be glad to inform you at any time promptly and free of charge of the data which we have stored with respect to your person. Should you want your data to be corrected, blocked or deleted, or should you have any complaints, need any information or have general questions regarding privacy policy, we will also be glad to help. For this purpose, please send a email to the address: info@waterxhome.com.