Aquatec Diaphragm pump 220V CDP 5800

Aquatec Diaphragm pump 220V CDP 5800
[CDP 5800]

Aquatec Diaphragm pump 220V CDP 5800
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Aquatec Diaphragm pump 220V CDP 5800

Aquatec diaphragm pumps are essential for anyone who needs high and continuous performances.

Outwardly, all pumps are similar: sizes, colors, connections. But each pump has its precise use.

The most important features of a delivery pump (which means high flow at high pressure) are performances, low noise, high quality materials and durability.

On the Italian market nowadays it is easy to find several Asiatic products, but the quality is definitely not the same.

Acquatec pumps are a made in USA product with over 20 years of experience in the field. They are quiet, long lasting and limestone resistant.

The Aquatec CDP 5800 is designed for reverse osmosis direct production systems. Excellent performances (head / flow rate), silent engine with low heating.

Attention: Do not confuse this pump with the 24 V DC.


General Information  
Application   Water dispeser, coffee machines
Capacity    240 l/h
Max Pressure     10 bar
Power    220 W
Consumption      80 W
    By Pass     Yes
    Material    Plastic
H x P x L
82 x 80 x 177
2.5 Kg
    In - Out     3/8" F  cilindric
Manufacturer     Aquatech
Manufacturer Code
CDP 5800
DM 174 -2004 presso TIFQ
    Disposal    Collected separately